Ever since I learned to put words on paper, I’ve loved to write, both poetry and stories. But growing up I was also often game for a good argument and so between my writing and my arguing, my parents liked to tell me that I’d make an awfully good lawyer. After graduating from law school, I followed that path for a while. Though all along my passion for creating images with words, manipulating words, and inventing stories, stayed with me. Eventually I left the practice of law to spend more time with my growing family and to pursue my passion for writing.


I’d probably have a lot more books out if I didn’t find so many distractions to writing, like the birds chirping outside my window that desperately needs a good cleaning, the un-filed papers threatening to take over the house, the email from my fourth cousin once-removed, and the leaning tower of laundry begging to be washed. The greatest challenge to my writing career has been to keep my tush in the chair and let the stories flow.


Hearing a reader say that my book is his or her very favorite makes all the revisions and rejections worthwhile, or at least less painful. However, I still have trouble keeping my butt glued to my desk chair.


On my website, you’ll find information about my books, tidbits about my life, photos taken at events, a small sampling of my published articles, and other miscellaneous stuff. I hope you enjoy your visit.

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